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The Friends of Seacow Head Lighthouse Inc.

The Friends of Seacow Head Lighthouse Inc. obtained possession of the Lighthouse from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans on September 07, 2022. As a non-profit charitable organization we are committed to protecting the heritage character of the lighthouse while promoting lighthouse history across Prince Edward Island. Improvements to the lighthouse began shortly after possession to establish a museum which aims to promote tourism and economic growth.

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 Saltwater Aerials:
BY: Chandler Ellsworth

Vision & Mission

Keeping The Light On as a beacon from the past, present, and for future generations.

Playing a leading role in bridging the past with the present through new and emerging technology. Keeping the light on for timeless enjoyment by islanders and visitors alike through an immersive and inclusive experience leaving no person behind.

Meet The Team

Dedication, Passion, and first hand Historical facts

The Friends of Seacow Head Lighthouse Inc. consists of board members who are volunteers that donate their time and expertise. Each member brings with them the necessary knowledge and skills required to showcase and promote the Seacow Head Lighthouse. 


Thomas Sherry


Board President

Angela Fernwood Profile_edited.png

Angela MacFarlane




Jim MacFarlane


Financial Advisor

Marcia profile_edited.png

Marcia Ruby

Board Member

Billy Fernwood Profile_edited.png

Bill Bowness

Board Member

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