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Built: 1864

Tower Height: 18.3m

Automated: November 12, 1959

Nautical Range: 12 Nautical Miles


Thomas Ranahan (sitting)

Dr. Frank MacFarlane (standing) son of Malcom MacFarlane who was the First Lighthouse Keeper.

The Story of the Lighthouse

The Seacow Head Lighthouse was constructed in1864 and has an octagonal tower wood-frame. It is among the oldest wood-frame towers standing in the Maritimes. The Seacow Head, North Cape, and Cape Jourimain light towers are often called Sister Lights.

Seacow Head and Jourimain were built in the narrowest passage of the Northumberland Strait as aids to navigation for fishing boats and other marine traffic passing through the Strait. They later served the CNR Ferries plying between Port Borden, PEI, and Cape Tormentine, N.B. Each was the first permanent Lighthouse on its site.

In 1902, the tower was repaired, re-shingled, and re-decked. A new cast iron lantern was installed as well. In 1906 the fixed white catoptric light was replaced with a petroleum vapour fourth order double flashing light constructed by Barbier, Benard & Turenne of Paris.

The Seacow Head Lighthouse was automated on November 12, 1959. It was moved back from the eroding cliff in 1979.


Wally Richards Pic8.jpg

Lighthouse Keepers

The keeper and his family lived in the lighthouse from 1864 until 1880.

In 1874 a recommendation had been made for a dwelling, but it was not built until 1880.


On March 7, 1960, the two story frame dwelling (28'x25') and lean-to (12'x9') was sold to Mr. Sydney Murray of Bedeque and removed from the site.

List of Lighthouse Keepers

The Seacow Head Lighthouse had eight keepers from 1865 to 1967, and officially de-staffed in 1966.

The Lighthouse became automated on November 12, 1959.

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